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Baby sits in “his” Bugatti Veyron


Baby sits in “his” Bugatti Veyron

The youngest Bugatti Veyron owner was filmed in “his” car starting it up. The baby was filmed sat in the drivers seat and playing with the steering wheel as the Bugatti Veyron sat there turned on. Now most children are happy with a toy car they can push around, but this one lucky boy appears to have been given the real thing.

It’s going to be quite a few years before he is going to be able to drive the Bugatti though.

The video shows a bit of a crowd formed around the Veyron while a man, presumably the babys dad, told those around that: “this kid is the owner of the Bugatti”. Although we don’t quite believe that to be true it’s still not a bad little claim for the baby!

Anyway, check out the video below.

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