Choosing a driving experience

Are you after knowing what to expect if you book a driving experience or want to know which type of driving experience to take then have a read of our guide that will give you a bit of an insight into the different UK driving experiences that you could take part in.

Driving Experiences pretty much do what they say on the tin, offer you the chance to experience driving a specific car(s).

Obviously we all know that and what you want to really know is what lengths you get to “experience” the car. Well that pretty much depends on what driving experience you have opted to go for (or been given as a gift), although each different driving experience will be done with safety as the main part of it!

Everyone wants something slightly different from a driving experience, some want to just experience what it’s like to get behind the wheel of a supercar so taking part in a Ferrari driving experience or a Lamborghini driving experience will leave them more than fulfilled. Even someone who is not after taking these supercars to the red line and really pushing them can still get tremendous amounts of fun and enjoyment from one of these driving experiences. For many this is pretty much the perfect driving experience, fulfilling a lifelong ambition to get to drive and experience what it’s like to drive a supercar that most can only ever dream of owning.
Supercar driving experiences, such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin are amongst the most popular driving experiences that most people opt to do.

With Supercar driving experiences you do get to push the cars and experience the power and handling that they can deliver but as you would expect, being in control of a £100,000+ supercar you have an instructor sat next to you in the passenger seat offering tips and advice. Providing you are not wreckless and put yourself or anyone else in any danger the instructor will help you get the most out of the car in a controlled manner.

Single seater driving experiences offer a taste of what it would be like to sit in a racing car like a Formula 1 car. Sat in the single seater you are enclosed in the small cockpit with your legs out straight in front of you and your bum only inches from the ground. Single seater driving experiences are really very unique, it’s a totally new way to drive and due to how low you are to the ground and the back you are out in the open with no windscreen or roof you get to feel the wind blowing in against your neck under the helmet.
Single Seaters are extremely light and aerodynamic cars which means that they offer fast speeds and acceleration and also brilliant handling through corners.
For a smaller version of single seaters why not look at Karting, many of the F1 champions have progressed from Karting. An example is Lewis Hamilton who was discovered Karting at Buckmore Park by Ron Denis.

Rally driving experiences offer some of the most fun you can have behind the wheel of a car. You get to slip and slide it and handbrake turn and powerslide a rally car without getting in trouble for doing so. Rally driving experiences offer a totally unique driving experience and something that you are unlikely to have experienced. You learn the techniques involved in driving a rally car and how to approach and take a corner while the back end of the car slides round. Mastering the different skills offers so much fun, and even if you don’t manage it correctly you will still have great fun in having the car slide through mud sideways. You really don’t get to try this style of driving every day, it offers a totally new set of rules to master.

The main aim of driving experiences is fun and safety and in each one you will learn new things and driving techniques that you may be able to take with you on your everyday driving. One driving experience that will really teach you allot is the Skid Control driving lessons and courses. You will learn how to control your car if it gets into a skid and also ways to prevent your car getting into a skid in the first place through expert tuition, this is lots of fun but is also a really good advanced driving technique that you should learn!

A consideration with driving experiences is what is available at a circuit near to you, teher are a number of motor racing circuits dotted around the UK so it is worth checking which one is closest to you. Some of the more popular race circuits that do driving experiences are are Silverstone, Oulton Park, Brands Hatch & Prestwold Hall with many others also to choose from.

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