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Oulton Park race circuit turns 60

Oulton Park race circuit in the heart of Cheshire today celebrates its 60th birthday. On Thursday 8th August 1953 Oulton Park hosted it’s very first motor racing event. The first event had Formula 3 & Formula 2 cars at the … Read more

Oulton Park Track days & Testing

Oulton Park track days & testing calendar, this is a list of dates and events at Oulton Park for different track days and testing. Many of the events listed in this specific list are for Race Cars only. Fri 12 … Read more

Car Fest North at Oulton Park in August

Car Fest North is to take place at Oulton Park in August this year and will be helping to raise money for BBC Children In Need. Last year Car Fest South and Car Fest North helped raise £968,735 for BBC … Read more

Brand new Ferrari 458 Italia crashed outside Ferrari Maranello Factory

The creation and subsequent destruction of a Ferrari 458 all happened at the same location, the Ferrari Maranello factory in Italy. One very lucky Ferrari owner picked their car up from the factory and reportedly the next day managed to … Read more

Lamborghini drives under Saab for parking space

A Lamborghini driver obviously really wanted the parking space that this Saab had as it quite literally drover under the Saab to get the space from it. OK, we have used a bit of artistic licence with that headline as … Read more

Car sinks after driving on icy canal

A car that had 2 male occupants sank as they tried to drive along the canal! The stunt happened as the Peugeot 206 drove along the Union Canal in West Lothian only to be stopped when it cracked the ice … Read more

Top 10 most annoying Drivers

A Top 10 of most annoying drivers has been compiled by the AA & Autocar and we are here to let you know who they are…let’s hope you don’t fall into one of the categories…! Boy Racers – 42% of … Read more

Lamborghini police car to star in show

A Lamborghini police car is on it’s way to a show of emergency vehicles in Holland this weekend. The Lamborghini is able to clock up a top speed of 202mph, which we presume it won’t be doing while driving to … Read more

Blind man drives 200mph for new world record

A new world land speed record for the the blind has been set at over 200mph by a South African man. Hein Wagner already held a previous world record at 269km/h which he set in 2005 driving a Maserati Grandsport … Read more

Ozzy Osbourne passes driving test

Prince of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne the Black Sabbath star has finally passed his driving test at the 19th time of asking and at the age of 60! He has only just managed to pass his driving test aftering sobering up … Read more

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