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Ferrari 355 Driving Experience at Silverstone


Ferrari 355 Driving Experience at Silverstone

Date: September 2003
Location: Silverstone, Northamptonshire
Vehicles: Ferrari 355
Author: Ben a.k.a Zeffania

3 Lap driving experience in a bright red Ferrari 355 around Silverstone was a great 21st present. I have always loved fast cars and Silverstone is the perfect surrounding to for fill that dream.

I arrived at Silverstone, the home of motor racing. It says it all really; straight away you are itching to get on the track and drive a Ferrari!

I had brought along a mate and some family so they could watch and also be free to get a bit of a look at the cars, after all it’s not too often you can get up close and personal with a Ferrari. It was also ideal as I had my own personal photographers to take pictures of my Ferrari driving experience so I could have some pictures to remember the day by too.

After registering the group are taken for a briefing followed by a short drive to a trailer where you are kitted out with a helmet. Next is the best thing, settling down in the seat of the 355. I am 6,2 and had fun trying to fit in, but got myself sorted. The instructor mentioned how difficult the gearbox could be due to the design, but I found it quite easy to use even if it was left hand drive.

To the track. After you are seated and comfy you get let loose on the track. The track was dry although it was a bit overcast, this was no problem though as a dry track was the main thing!
To be honest I was quite worried as it was my first time I had ever driven anything this quick or on track, but the instructor put me at ease. The cones around the track let you know where to break for the corners so its quite straight forward. After that it is about getting your toe down and enjoying yourself. This is easily down along the hanger straight.

The buzz from driving the Ferrari is something else, all the power in pretty much any gear was immense. I thoroughly enjoyed it and fancy getting a full day next time. That is the only down side to this experience, its only 3 laps. I would highly recommend the day, even more now as the car has changed to the Ferrari 360 which is my favourite.

This was a Driving Experience review by Ben

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