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Ferrari driving experience


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Very little comes close when driving supercars to when you get to drive a Ferrari for the first time. The most well known supercar and you can get to experience what a Ferrari is like to drive.

When it comes to supercars the name on most peoples lips is that of the Italian Dancing Horse – The Ferrari, and with driving experiences you can now get to live the dream and drive a Ferrari!
A Ferrari driving experience is also a perfect way for anyone who is perhaps interested in buying a Ferrari to test drive a Ferrari before buying to see if they like how it performs on track.

Ferrari Driving Experiences are at the top of most peoples wish list when it comes to cars that they want to drive. Ferrari has a long history of making the most desirable supercars and are known the world over for their amazing looks and impressive performance!

Ferraris you are likely to be able to choose to drive on an experience are:
Ferrari 360
Ferrari 430
Ferrari F355
Ferrari 550

On choosing a Ferrari Driving Experience you will likely get to choose which Ferrari you want to do your Ferrari Driving in, this can either be done when ordering the experience or if you have not picked a specific Ferrari you will likely get a choice when you arrive at your driving experience, or in some instances you may get to drive a few different Ferrari’s if this is what the day entails.

When you drive a Ferrari you need to decide if you want to go for one of the more modern Ferrari such as to drive a Ferrari 360, F355, 550 or the current Ferrari 430, or if perhaps you like the more classic Ferrari you could drive a Ferrari 308.

The great thing about if you want to take part in some Ferrari driving is that there are locations all around the UK to take part, with the most popular being to drive a Ferrari at Silverstone.

If you want to enjoy slightly more freedom then you can hire a Ferrari and then get to drive a Ferrari at your own pace.


Ferrari driving experience

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