Racing Line


Racing Line

Racing Lines in motor racing

What is the Racing Line?
The racing line in motorsport is the fastest route around a race track. Driving on the racing line will mean you can get around the race circuit in as fast a time as possible by choosing the quickest lines to take corners and approach corners at. It is not a case of choosing the shortest line around a corner as this can mean that you can’t go around it at the same speed as you could the racing line.
The racing line is not a physical line on track, it is an imaginary line.

How to find the racing line?
There is no physical drawn on line on race tracks that have the racing line, although on many race tracks on the corners you may be able to see the route that most racers take due to the rubber that is left on the track from their tyres.

Getting the racing line correct is vitally important in motor sport and on driving experiences as it will help provide you with the fastest lap times you can achieve.

The racing line around a corner is usually the smoothest and closest to stright line you can acheive (yes, talking about straight lines to go around a corner does sound daft).

When approaching the corner you will do so usually from the opposite side of the track to the corner, so for example if you are taking a right hand corner you will approach it form the left hand side of the track. You’re aim is to hit the apex which is the very middle bit of the corner and keep the same turn until you get back out of the corner. An easy way to think of it is if you start turning into a corner 15 metres before the start of the corner to hit the apex you should hit the exit and be straight again about 15 metres on the other side.

If you start to turn into the corner too soon then it will mean that you will have a slower entry speed.

On Board video of Schumacher and Massa around Silverstone.
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