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Rally Driving Experience


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Get to grips and see what it’s like to drive a rally car.

If you like a bit of sideways action in your car and don’t mind a bit (or a lot) or mud and water then Rally Driving experiences are an absolute blast and huge amounts of fun.

Unless you own your own forest it’s unlikely anyone is able to take them selves off rally driving and even if you do own your own forest you may not have a car that you actually want to throw round dirt tracks!

In the off roading stakes then rally driving is probably up there offering the most smiles possible. What is more, although you won’t drive on the highways like you will be able to do on a rally driving experience day you may learn some car control tips and tricks and actually advance your driving skills by having a day doing this.

You will learn the feel for the car, you need to feel what it is doing below you can what you need to do to make sure it goes where you want it to go (trust us, there will be plenty of times when this rally car will spin out in a blaze of splattered mud and dust), learning how to control this could well prove some vital advanced driving skills if you ever find yourself where your own car is sliding on the main roads when it shouldn’t!

If you want an off roading experience slightly different that this then you should consider looking at an off-road experience or a tank driving experience.


Rally Driving Experience

What to expect on a Rally Driving Experience

Rally Driving is unlike any other driving you are likely to have done before, you will actually encouraged to send the car sideways through a corner in the mud and gravel. You receive expert tuition so you can learn how best to approach and steer round and through a corner in a controlled power slide.

Rally Driving is all about thinking ahead and setting yourself up for the corner well before you get there so you can get round it as quick as you can.

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