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Single Seater Driving Experience


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Get the feel of a real racing car by driving a single seater driving experience.

A Single Seater driving experience is about as close to the ultimate race car experience as you can get, they follow similar design to an F1 car with an open wheel design, small cockpit just big enough to fit the driver with their head exposed out of it.

This type of car is designed for high speed driving as they are aero dynamic and designed to push the car down onto the track to give amazing grip and cornering.

If you fancy trying to be the next Lewis Hamilton then you can experience what it is like to be strapped into a single seater racing car with huge amounts of power that will give you a huge grin on your face all the time you are driving.

Single Seater driving experience are unlike any other due to your seating position and design of the racing car you are in, add to that in a single seater you are truly driving it alone and don’t have an instructor sat next to you telling you what to do, that said though you will be given familiarisation laps of the track you are going to be driving in another car that will allow an instructor to pass on tips and hints for getting the most out of your single seater driving experience, such as the racing lines, breaking and acceleration points.


Single Seater Driving Experience

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