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Skid Control Driving


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Learn to be a safer driver and learn how to control a skid in your car. Learn the correct methods and techniques to avoid a skid and how to control a skid if you get into one!

Learning skid control is a skill that could one day help prevent an accident if you find yourself in that situation. Taking a skid control driving course will help you learn the ways to control your car if it gets into a skid or slide and then how to safely correct it the best and safest way.

Skid control driving can actually be fun to learn while teaching you important skills that you can always have there should you need them (hopefully you won’t).
With skid control driving lessons taking place in wide open and safe surroundings you will get the freedom to safely learn about controlling skids. If you have some spin outs then that is all part of the fun of the day, doing it here is OK, as long as it prevents you doing it out on the public road.

Anyone who drives will find learning these skills very beneficial and potentially life saving!


Skid Control Driving

What to expect on a Skid Control Driving Lesson.

You will receive expert tuition on the ways to control a car slide and skid and ways to prevent this occurring. You will get to drive on wet conditions or in a car with a specially designed skid aid underneath the car (as in the pictures above) to help aid getting into a skid and then how to control it.

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