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Tank Driving – Drive a Tank


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Drive a tank over a car or be the king of the road tank driving!

Who doesn’t want to be in control of a machine that no one is going to stop. Experience what it’s like to drive a Tank and be the real “King of the road” while tank driving!

There is nothing that is quite like a tank driving experience to fulfill that destructive side in you. Sat in the hot seat as you drive a tank over a car and crush it or just enjoying a “joy ride” through the countryside in muddy and tricky conditions is just pure fun.

Nothing is going to stop you and the thrill of having so much power to not let anything get in your way is a reason why tank driving is so popular!

The off road driving adventures are some of the most popular amongst thrill seekers, the chance to get down and dirty and have that bit more freedom to roam makes them extremely good fun. Other off road experiences that prove to be popular are rally driving experiences and off road driving.


Tank Driving – Drive a Tank

What to expect on a Tank Driving Experience.

Tank Driving is something that has to be experienced to appreciate. The different Tank Driving experiences will offer up slightly different experiences. Some if you wish offer you the chance to crush a car with a Tank, you can do passenger rides in a tank or just get to grips with what it feels like to drive a tank in off-road conditions.

One of the most popular Tanks to drive is the Chieftain Tank.

View a list of Tank Driving providers for locations around the UK to take part in driving a tank.

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