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Thruxton Motorsport Centre address
Thruxton Circuit
SP11 8PW

How to Get there

Thruxton Circuit is easy to get to from both the M3 & M4 and is around 1.5 hours away from London and 2.5 hours from Birmingham.
Once on the A303 users should follow signs for Thruxton Circuit and not for Thruxton Villiage. Also, it is noted that if using a Sat Nav that the circuits post code shouldn’t be used and instead users should search for Thruxton Circuit instead.

Train to Thruxton: The nearest train station is Andover Rail Station (5.8 miles).

Airport: Southampton airport is the closest airport to Thruxton at around 45 minutes away

Brief Circuit information

Thruxton Circuit is yet another airfield based track that is the fastest race track in the UK. Unlike many other circuits, Thruxton is fairly unique in the UK in so far as it has very long fast corners meaning drivers and cars can reach and keep very high speeds around the circuit.

Thruxton Circuit is also a long track measuring 2.4 miles per lap.

Thruxton driving experiences include Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Aston Martin, Single Seaters and off road driving.

Aerial Shot

Thruxton Circuit



Thruxton Circuit is the fastest circuit in the UK and measures 2.4 miles in length and is host to both the British Touring Cars (BTCC) and British Superbikes (BSB).

RAF Thruxton was created in 1941 as an airfield for WW2 and was used to play a major part in the D-Day landings. In 1946 the airbase was surplus to requirements and in 1950 was when it started to be used for motorsport. Motorbikes raced the track which was both runways and the perimeter roads. In 1952 cars also started to race at the circuit but this was for just 1 year as the circuit tarmac was breaking up, however the bikes continued racing there until 1965.
In 1968 racing returned to Thruxton Circuit after a new track was built, however the original runways were not used and the track was created around the perimeter of the airfield.

To show the speed of the circuit Damon Hill drove the Williams F1 car around Thruxton Circuit in 1993 and set a lap time of 57.6 seconds for the 2.4 miles and an average speed of 147.25 mph!

Thruxton Circuit

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